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your wrong

first of all in Daniel, that is very in line with what the Bible teaches as if you study it out you find out one day all of mankind will stand before God and all of man kind will find out all of every mans sins except for those who found repentance. So there will certainly be lots of shame and contempt.

the "contradictions" you found in the gospel are not really contradictions. The gospels are written in themes, Jesus simply spoke both of those sentiences at the time of his death luke recorded one for his theme, and john recorded the other for his. thats one of the reason why there are lots of stories in the gospel where it only appears in one of the books, each gospel is showing a different aspect of Christ. Mathew is Jesus the King of the jews, Mark is Jesus the suffering servant, luke is Jesus the perfect man, and John is Jesus the Son of God. All were written to different audiences. Mathew was written to the jews, mark to the romans, and luke to the greeks and John was written latter to all the churches.

the last one you mention is interesting as it is actually referring to different aspects of God. Heck over 26 times in the old testament does the Bible use the phrase to know I am Jehovah. Heck throughout the scriptures there is 7 different things associated with the name Jehovah. Also in Jeremiah 16:21 it says "they shall know that my name is Jehovah" obviously they already know his name but what it is referring to is knowing a particular aspect of God through experience. In many way Abraham, Isaac and Jacob did not know God like Moses and the children of Israel did so it is just simply referring to their experience with God.

I apologies as it is getting late and I do not have time to track down all the references but good night.