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Free speech aside (libel aside too), in a free market (which I hope you support the idea of), one of the most powerful tools that can be used to stop a business from taking advantage of consumers is the ability to tell other people how badly the company has screwed you.

I mean, should Pepsi be able to sue someone for saying they found glass shards or a syringe in their soda?

What's next, Yelpers Chef Gordon Ramsay drags into a restaurant to tell the owner that their food sucks go to court to pay for Fox's renovations to the places?

No, get fucking real dude. I have a right to tell my friends, my family, the dog, and anyone else on the internet if someone I've hired to do work in my home has stolen my shit. Especially if the contractor isn't licensed in my state and I have police reports filed for the thefts. Why on earth are you jumping so hard to the conclusion that she's the liar?