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That is the relevant question in my opinion.

Finding out who planned it will lead to the same people who allegedly blew the buildings up.
But it doesn't have to be, nor should it be, limited to OBL or the "government". It could have been any combination or others. We do not know. It could be a small group within, but it would not be "the government" as in the literal thousands which would be required by some of the CD theories we hear. What we do know is, it is this area which the Bush administration obfuscated. Buried deep within the 911 Commission Report is clear evidence of heavy Saudi involvement with financing, planning, and pilot training, as well as foreknowledge by some in our intelligence agencies. Most of that evidence was redacted from documents produced for the Commission, as well as the Joint Congressional Intelligence Committee. The Commission was also denied all interrogation records of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. This is where we have the most and clearest evidence of a possible cover-up. Who did plan the operation? Who financed it? How did the pilots get trained on 757/767 cockpits?

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