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Comment: Why a true limited government

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Why a true limited government

Why a true limited government conservative can't support worthless wars:

"We cannot leave our topic without saying at least a word about the domestic tyranny that is the inevitable accompaniment of war. The great Randolph Bourne realized that "war is the health of the State."[13] It is in war that the State really comes into its own: swelling in power, in number, in pride, in absolute dominion ()()()()()()()()()over the economy()()()()()()()() and the society. Society becomes a herd, seeking to kill its alleged enemies, rooting out and suppressing all dissent from the official war effort, happily betraying truth for the supposed public interest. Society becomes an armed camp, with the values and the morale – as Albert Jay Nock once phrased it – of an "army on the march."

We JUST lived this during the Bush era. Where the f*** were you?

Ventura 2012