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Comment: The Hexagon Life Force

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The Hexagon Life Force

What those that dismiss this fail to understand is, the wider volume of information surrounding this. And it is huge.

Secret societies have coveted this information over the millenia.
Only now is it coming into the light of the greater consciousness.

Additionally to my Nassim Haramein links (reposted) I further add to it with Stan Tenen. Who has decoded the Hewbrew Bible.

For the super short version, the bible talks of GOD as being creation. Creation as in, the process of creation. The creation of Life.

Which is a geometric shape. Which is vortex math. Which is how the universe functions.

The universe is one large multi-fractal Hexagonal vortice.
Look everywhere and you will see this shape.

Being that secret societies knew of this, why is it do you think your education has lead you to a belief other than that of observable phenomena ?

Reprogram your mind with the truth.

Nassim Haramein
4hrs Part 1

4 hrs Part 2

Stan Tenen

Additionally much noteworthy,


Wayne Herschel

Please note, Both Nassim Haramein and Wayne Herschel have been kept out of Wikipedia at all costs. Whereas comparatively someone the mainstream views as crazy, David Ike, is not excluded.

Does this say anything to you ?

(Nothing against David Ike, I love everyone :)