Comment: Ability to predict the future = power over the masses

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Ability to predict the future = power over the masses

Mayan culture wasn't entirely consistent of every member of their culture knowing math and astronomy. Just like every civilization, you have the dumb masses and the elite. The elite always seeking a way to control the masses, is the one constant across all civilizations. When you can predict an eclipse, meteor showers, and other phenomena, you can use that information to persuade the masses that you are one of the gods. Think about it, from a sheeple perspective, if a leader tells you that he will darken the sun tomorrow and it actually happens, do you think this person has divine power or do you suspect he was part of a group of elitists that simply came across fore-knowledge of a celestial event?

Systems of control, my friend, systems of control.

Only Mayans born during a certain part of the year, around October, I believe, were gods. Children born during that time would have their skulls severely reshaped to set them apart as gods. This is evidence of at least two distinct classes of people in Mayan culture.

Perhaps 9/11 is a similar system of control. If you reject the argument that 9/11 was our own government's doing, then you may well be aware that our government at least knew about it beforehand. If they knew and chose to stop it, then it becomes as significant as any number of foiled terrorist plots. How many of these does the average person recall? On the other hand, if they knew about it and realized that the associated fear would create great government control over the people, then perhaps they intended to let it happen as part of a system of control. Just as the FBI keeps foiling their own terrorist plots, to maintain the same level of control.

So you see, it wasn't about stargazing, it was about making the masses submit to a system of controls by way of proclaiming the ability to create celestial events.