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I see,

all it takes for something to be true is someone claiming that it is...if that is the case then the prisons are full of innocent people (just ask them) and Congress has our best interest at heart (just ask them also). And I guess if I dress up as a police officer, that makes me a cop too. In reference to whether or not someone was a Christian, Jesus said to pay no attention to what they say, but instead that "you will know them by their fruit"..meaning their actions. If this country and Congress were full of true Chrisitans, abortion would be illegal, there would be no unjust wars, people would honor their oaths and we would have a sound money system, not one based on debt and lies. The fact that we have none of these things is merely proof that Christians are in fact, not the majority, but the vast minority.

I find it kind of incredulous that you actually believe that someone claiming something to be true is all that is required for it to be true. That would mean that in your world people never deceive themselves or others...sounds like a great place to live, but it doesn't exist anywhere on this earth that I am aware of.