Comment: Instead of doing what you think

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Instead of doing what you think

or what makes you feel good perhaps you should do what Scripture says.

If you worship Jesus on Easter and Christmas and Sunday then you are not worshiping Scripturally. Jesus is a false name that accurately represents the false worship of those pagan rituals. Don't get angry with me because I am only telling the truth. And I am not trying to cut you down but the only way for people to see the light is if the light is allowed to shine.

I can show you where "The LORD" says NOT to observe pagan ritual and the destruction that will come to those who do. I can show you where "The LORD" says how He wants to be worshiped and how it is a sign between Him and those who Love Him.

The two greatest commandments given in the Old Testament and again in the New Testament are about loving "The LORD" and loving your neighbor. You cannot love your neighbor by killing him or stealing from him or bearing a false witness against him etc... And in the same manner you cannot love "The LORD" by worshiping falsely and against His wishes. This is simple Scriptural truth.

I once hunted eggs and looked for presents all of which satisfy the flesh and deny the spirit. I praise the day my eyes were opened and I hope yours will someday be opened also. Before it's to late.