Comment: A few days ago I thought of a

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A few days ago I thought of a

A few days ago I thought of a similar thing to what Rand is saying, tell me what you think about this.

How about convincing enough House Republicans (especially the big government ones who need to be primaried and replaced in 2014) to go along with whatever tax increase Democrats in the Senate pass so that it passes the House as well? You only need about 25 Rs to vote with all of the Ds to pass it on a majority vote if Boehner lets it get a vote.

Many of them will be willing to "take one for the team" and "put country and party" over literal self-interest. Some are already moving in that direction so it isn't that difficult to give them a little push to get the numbers needed.

This will take away the liberal Democrats' (only) argument of blaming fiscal conservatives for "obstructionism", allowing the public to actually pay some attention to the bad policies that have been enacted. Once the consequences of the tax hike play out over the next year, our liberty candidates will have leverage in the Republican 2014 primaries against the big gov't Rs in Congress.

If we really put our money where our mouth is right now, we should be in better financial condition in 2014 to fund a primary campaign against the incumbents than many run-of-the-mill Republicans will be, if we're already preparing for another recession like I hope we all are.