Comment: All the high days

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All the high days

in the Old Testament will be observed in the Kingdom so I'm not sure what you mean by your statement. And although Passover is not a High Day I'm sure it will be memorialized in the Kingdom also since He is the lamb. So your comment about returning to darkness seems misguided at best.

And I do know some who wash each others feet at Passover and I do not make light of it as I have also washed peoples feet. It is the ultimate form of humbling yourself and serving your brothers. And for you to make out as if it is nothing is a slap to Messiahs face.

But when you say " If the Lord Jesus Christ taught us anything it was that such observances are futile." Then you really begin to show Scriptural ignorance. The man you erroneously call Jesus did not come to institute some new holidays or do away with the "old mean god" of the Old Testament. He came to end the false worship and doctrines of the time. And in the end all false worship will be completely ended and the true worship of our Heavenly Father will reign.