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If i may add

I was not part of this movement back in 07, 08. but I am not joking when I say these days are very different now. Ron Paul made more headlines this time around then before, our movement is STRONGER, RICHER, and more POPULAR than it has ever been! what was in the past is in the past now Brother. I get thumbs up and honks almost everyday when im on the freeway for my bumper stickers (of course a few thumbs down too, Socialist). I really doubt I would have gotten that back in 08. Stand strong bro, as Obama plays the same game he has been playing these past years people will come to realize we are the ONLY ones who stand for Truth, and change.

Like an infection we will begin to spread everywhere now. Especially since Ron is out of Congress, he can do or say whatever he wants.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?