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Comment: Just because you don't follow

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Just because you don't follow

Just because you don't follow any man made religion doesn't mean that you do not believe in anything. I for one believe that I can still help my fellow man, live a virtuous life, and strive for good without attending these institutions that are meant to keep us divided and attain our money through manipulation of our good nature.

Don't you see? I do believe in a god, this world and nature work in such harmony that there has to be a design. I feel that my main mission in this life is to take complete advantage of the pursuit of happiness for myself and my family. I educate myself and come to my own conclusions. I simply cannot buy all of the hypocritical arguments. They preach love and forgiveness yet point fingers at gay people, other religions, Atheists. I have looked to churches when I was younger and found most of the religious are too full of hatred for me. Jesus taught peace and forgiveness but I'm afraid that our religions breed hatred and contempt for others whose views may not match your own. Man made religion is one of the biggest breeding grounds for hatred and war. Why can't we all just strive to be good people without the guidance of another person claiming to be a messenger of God. Please