Comment: Nothing Like this Should Be a Surprise...

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Nothing Like this Should Be a Surprise...

There have been clear signs for decades that individualism and constitutionalism were being demonized and people conditioned to view such a philosophy or ethic as being radical and dangerous.

We have largely stood aside and left this insidious morphing progress unchallenged, primarily due to abject ignorance and the lack of sufficient numbers of people who hold to the ethic of Individualism and hold to constitutional beliefs, let alone even grasp the concepts.

There is a truism that is directly applicable...'Collectivism inevitably leads to totalitarianism'.

Our populous is largely driven by a desire and demand for collectivism. Our government is utterly infested and driven by collectivists and there is and has been an open and relentless drive to govern via it and to impose it, for over 100 years.

We now are experiencing the reaping of the result of all those efforts over all those decades.

I assess that we are on the cusp of a horrific period, one where what we once took for granted as guaranteed liberties and certain norms, is going to radically shift directly to a totalitarian police and surveillance state; one where individual liberty will be brutally suppressed and dissent will be dealt with as it has been, historically, throughout the ages in totalitarian states.

Many still do not see it coming, they only see a temporary difficulty that can and will be resolved with the election of 'Republicans' or of 'conservatives' to 'power'.

Sorry for the rant, but it is damn near time where desire, rhetoric, political action and fervor from the 'liberty movement' is going to be shown to be a toothless-tiger and all will be faced with decisions to be made, and made quickly, as to servitude or action...action that is horrific in its implications.

I pray this can be avoided, but logic and fact say otherwise. We are past the point of return to a Constitutional Republic where liberty is encouraged, flourishes and is nurtured and secured.

Gonna be time, real soon, to actually step up or to simply grumble quietly and lay down.

Scary times, boys and girls.