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Power scarcity

"Are you saying Power is stolen which puts people in the situation to cause them to seek abortion?"

Here again I am inspired to point to Solzhenitsyn and his book on the Gulag. When POWER is made scarce, in the extreme, people who are morally weak to start with are people who act like rats in a cage, while people who are morally strong remain so, even in the worst cases. do We The People emulate, nurture, and encourage any good behavior?

Make POWER so scarce that all the human rats eat each other, murder babies, etc.?

No, the answer is LIBERTY in each case when anyone decides to address any human problem.

Ron Paul's NOT A FEDERAL POWER answer is not an abortion issue problem, it is a LIBERTY solution to a DESPOTISM problem.

Limited government limits the governors so that the governors who are hired to defend LIBERTY are not allowed, by US, to become "that which we supposedly abhor", such as baby killers, and such as torturing mass murderers.

States are themselves supposed to be LIMITED by CONSTITUTIONS, so that any State in the imperfect Democratic Federated Republic is supposed to be LIMITED by an experimental, competitive, attempt at a more PERFECT UNION, and those who prefer better over worse move to the better STATE, and that is why Ron Paul's abortion answer is THE ANSWER to any LIBERTY question, including any question by any parent who may feel EMPOWERED to "save the children", with GOVERNMENT, instead of focusing their own POWER, as a parent, on their own Children.

Try it out for size, in your own mind, please.

State A is where all the pregnant women go to have a vacation, and the streets in State A are lined with little baby corpses.

State B is where none of the pregnant women have their abortions funded by supposed "Tax Payers".

How is that not different than the supposed "Illegal Alien" problem?

You don't get it?

OK, try it out for size more, and suppose you are currently living in State B, and somehow the supposed "voters" (not the "Tax Payers" so don't get them two groups of people confused) grow so jealous of State A where baby murderers finance baby murder on the backs of the productive people, making a killing off of their investments in "planned parenthood" baby murder factories, where they get to charge baby murder costs to the "Tax Payers" (not the "voters" so don't get that confused) and they themselves get a few gold coins for each baby murdered.

So, you grow jealous too?

State C is not yet on board with the whole Baby Murder Business for Fun and Profit, so you move to State C?

Does this make any sense yet?

Which State tends to COLLECT the moral people, and which State tends to COLLECT the immoral people?

Which State tends to be more productive?

State A and B turn Despotic, making a killing off of farming babies for slaughter, this way and that way, indoctrinating the subjects in State A and B to be both promiscuous and "care free", to help increase the incidence of a sudden "need" for a final solution to the "well I really can't afford a baby" problem, and State A and B (not the "Tax Payers" but the list of names "hired" to operate State A and B by the "voters"), make a killing on other "sound" investments, not just the well oiled Baby Murder Business for fun and profit. State A and State B also do torture and mass murder when they invade other countries to take oil, gold, silver, water "rights", etc., so their "interests" are not just Baby Murder for Fun and Profit, they ("employees" and "voters" not "Tax Payers") in State A, and State B, multitask.

State C, where you vote to with your feet, since your "representatives" who you think your "vote" counts, in State B, where Baby Murder for Fun and Profit was just made legal, sent you back letters that basically told you to stop crying about the poor babies and pay your increase in taxes, since Baby Murder isn't cheap, so you decide, after receiving the response from your "representative", to stop funding Baby Murder, in a real way, not a fake way, a genuine way, not a counterfeit way, by moving to State C.

So the flow of "Illegal Immigrants", you may note, flow from "your" State C, into State B, next door, to have their Final Solution to their own Baby Problems in State B, since you moved to State C, where the "Tax Payers" are not paying the pills on the Baby Murder Factories, so, naturally, needing a quick baby murder, paid for by "Tax Payers" in State A is the competitive option.

Trains full of pregnant women flowing into State B, the State you left, from State A, and what are the "Tax Payers" in State B told to think about it?

Build a wall, of course, build a wall between State C and State B, to stop those "Illegal Immigrants" from having their Babies Murdered on the backs of the "Tax Payers" in State B - of course.

What the "Tax Payers" are not told, however, is that the Wall that is built will be made to keep out the moral people, and keep in the Baby Murderers, so the flow of Baby Murderers continues, despite the wall having been built, and Baby Murder accelerates in State B, not State C.

So...and I have to go, how "rich" is State B, making a killing on Baby Murder for Fun and Profit, and other torturous enterprises that pay so well in State C, compared to how "rich" is State C, where tax payers find sanctuary from Legal Crime?

Where is the place where people go to escape the enforcement of fraud, extortion, torture, mass murder, and Baby Murder for Fun and Profit, and in that place are the people prosperous enough to know how to minimize the incidence of care free Baby Murder for Fun and Profit?