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This is all it's going to

This is all it's going to take for you to overlook a million dollars in discrepancies? I understand Gary wants to do damage control but I expect a serious response from Gary with real numbers and information made available to the public. Not propaganda and statements we simply have to take him at his word on. We're talking about a million dollars.

Futhermore - what is it about my headline that isn't exactly true as reported by Bloomberg and Rawstory? Why does Gary have to try and attack me for reporting the news? It's because it's a tactic- that of distraction. It's pretty obvious. That's what all the propaganda nonsense on the back half of this video is all about. Gary is acting like he has answered everyones questions and it's all over now in this video. It's not even close to over and to act like it is just seems like more whitewash and propaganda to me. We need to see the numbers.

Also, the story exists because reporters always look into PAC's at the end of the election cycle, and because there are issues with RevolutionPAC FEC reports. It's not because of some imaginary attack from Jesse Benton.