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I think it says

I think it says "hypothetical", which would suggest it has nothing to do with who might actually be in the NEXT ACTUAL election. If it was the next actual election then obviously Obama would not be on the list.

The point is, if there are two liberty leaning candidates, then the people better get behind ONE of them, lest they split the vote and reelect "Obama". The obvious choice would be the Republican candidate as a large portion of the population will support the "R" simply for the reason that the R is an R. They'll support McCain simply because he is an R, they'll support Romney simply because he is an R. They may not even like McCain or Romney, but still they will support the "R".

People can support "Principles" all their lives, but in the end they will be governed by politics, not principles. The Majority rules, not principles.

So what would be preferred? There are not really 3 choices here, only 2. A 3/4 Liberty candidate and a 100% communist candidate, those are the choices. In this hypothetical we can elect Obama outright, split the vote thereby electing Obama, or get behind the (as some see him) Liberty candidate most likely to win.

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