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Yeh - actually it would be pretty funny

IF the story was true It would actually be hilarious. You know - I don't mold my life around Ron Paul like some God. The story presented that these "protestors" attempted to violate the rights of others by interfering with their party - and as such got what they deserved.
I few real life stories that make this funny to me.

I have a personal aquantance who used to own a slaughter house. He no longer owns it because members of PETA BURNT it to the ground. No concern for possibly killing someone, no concern for firefighters and ironically - no concern for the animals INSIDE the slaughter house which were burned alive - and no concern for the financial loss sustained. Screw PETA.

On the other side. I used to own a home right next door to an old closed down bar. The property was owned by a member of the Hells Angels(he may have been a "hang-around" - not a full member - but all the same). One day - they decide they are going to throw a stag party - and the bikes start showing up. Now - I live in a sleepy little suburb - the neighbor on the other side of the house was a horse farm - bikes and gangs are not too common. Soon enough the parking lot was full. Now did these ruthless gangsters go all PETA like and demand to just park in my driveway or in front of my house - NO - each and everyone to a man parked his bike/truck or car, got out and came and asked me if I minded them parking on the road in front of the house. Easiest decision every made.

Back to the story now - I find it hilarious because OF COURSE I was not going to say NO to them - that would have been pretty stupid - right or wrong. And it would be just as stupid for PETA to do what this story said. Thats why if find it hilarous.
Remember when you decide to stand for what you believe -the other person may just be more willing to stand for what THEY believe. And when that other person is a known member of a violent gang - you best be willing to REALLY believe in your cause or things can go horribly horribly wrong.

Of course - deep down I wanted an invite to the stag party cause judging by the ladies showing up you know it was one hell of a party - LOL ;)