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Comment: Oh, Brother...

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Oh, Brother...

People, time to get a grip.

This 'feel good' rhetoric and such marginal, albeit well-intentioned, action are going to do exactly NOTHING to stem the tide of collectivism that is and will lead directly to totalitarianism.

People want it...people expect it...people demand it...government will FORCE it, regardless of what the people want, anyway.

Even a huge chunk of the so-called 'liberty movement' are naught but disgruntled democrats and republicans who still want a measure of collectivism, rather than truly strict adherence to the Constitution and to the Principles of Individualism and Individual Liberty.

I guesstimate that around 3% of the populous actually do hold to and demand these things, if, and that is a huge IF, we are lucky.

A 'plan B' needs to be considered by any sane man. What 'your' 'plan B' is, well, that is up to each individual, but I will tell you this, it is utterly foolish to hang your 'hopes for change' on the political process or on 'a man'.

Government and society in general are coming directly for what remains of your freedom and individual liberty.

Face it and decide accordingly.