Comment: It is Merely a Clown-Circus...

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It is Merely a Clown-Circus...

...all three branches of the fed-gov are in lock-step and have been for many years. They are hell-bent on imposing a collectivist-state, leading ultimately to a global-state.

The Soap Box...the Ballot Box...the Jury Box...the Cartridge Box.

1. Free speech and redress of grievances are largely controlled, marginalized and ineffective. Government both suppresses and ignores the will of the people, albeit the 'will of the people' is by and large collectivist also.

2. The vote is controlled and rigged, both by the two party lock (actually one Globalist-Collectivist Party) and by more direct and insidious means.

3. The judicial system is a farce and is largely controlled via 'stare decisis', power-influence, judicial fiat, 'judicial instructions' and other means, none of which comport with the Constitution and very little which secure liberty.

4. Free and rugged-individualists bearing arms is the last and only viable means of staving off totalitarianism and tyranny. So far, the fact that people retain and bear arms in vast numbers has been sufficient to keep the advancement to totalitarianism at a slower pace. It has become patently obvious, however, that the end-game is near upon us. There WILL be draconian restrictions and/or bans/turn-ins put into effect, under terrifying penalty for failure to comply. Fact is, if we accede to this when it comes, we are utterly lost.

Choices must be made real soon, people...and hard scary ones at that.