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Comment: I am a student of the Bible, not a scholar.

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I am a student of the Bible, not a scholar.

I am a student of the Bible, not a scholar. However, this I do know. All proper claims to inerrancy of the Bible are attributed to the original writings only. Even with that as a given, many purported errors, when judged properly through context and good translation are lacking in merit. Scripture must be interpreted through proper hermeneutic. Let us examine your examples one a time.

Dan. 12:2 - You give the quotation from the King James Version, and many English translations agree with, or are derived from the KJV. Looking at the original Hebrew, however, we see that the phrase "many of them that sleep" can also be translated "the multitude of those sleeping", which is actually closer to the literal wording in the Hebrew (see Young's Literal Translation). When compared to John 5:28-29, as is proper when making a translation, we see that Young's literal translation, "the multitude of those sleeping", is in congruence with the words of Jesus, "all that are in the graves," and therefore is the proper meaning. The King James Version's use of the word "many" must be seen in context of a great multitude or a great number, not as an exclusionary subset. There are other times that the translators for the KJV used the word "many", and in context it clearly means "all"(see Rom. 5:15).

This exercise, however, is moot if you do not believe that the Bible is the inspired Holy Word of God, and that comes only through faith. Skeptics will always be able to point to this or that, in order to deny the existence of God, or deny any particular attributes to the God they do believe in, or deny the inspiration or inerrancy of God's Word to us. I am happy to see you are reading the Scriptures, as faith comes by hearing (or reading) the Word of God (Rom. 10:17). I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ (Rom. 1:16), and I am willing to give an answer to all men (Col. 4:6), but I am not here to argue the inerrancy of Scripture with those who reject God and His Word (Matt.10:14).