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Morality and Liberty

I realize at any day now, my reply may not come at an opportune time for you. So, I write knowing that these issues may be on the far back burner realizing you may have the pressing things of life with which to be concerned.
Is it a problem that non tax payers vote?
and secondly:
" do We The People emulate, nurture, and encourage any good behavior? "

According to Ben Franklin and his letter to T. Paine, prosperity was not the answer, but the answer lay in religion :

“You yourself may find it easy to live a virtuous life, without the assistance afforded by religion; you having a clear perception of the advantages of virtue, and the disadvantages of vice, and possessing a strength of resolution sufficient to enable you to resist common temptations. But think how great a portion of mankind consists of weak and ignorant men and women, and of inexperienced, inconsiderate youth of both sexes, who have need of the motives of religion to restrain them from vice, to support their virtue, and retain them in the practice of it till it becomes habitual, which is the great point for its security. And perhaps you are indebted to her originally, that is, to your religious education, for the habits of virtue upon which you now justly value yourself”

Your words: “State A and B turn Despotic, making a killing off of farming babies for slaughter, this way and that way, indoctrinating the subjects in State A and B to be both promiscuous and "care free", to help increase the incidence of a sudden "need" for a final solution to the "well I really can't afford a baby" problem,”

So your words in conjunction with those offered by Franklin may be the reason the Bible was removed from schools so as to create a society lacking in morals…part of the farming scheme of the rats for profit?
Next, I am wrestling with how Ron Paul’s answer was actually a state answer and I could use your rational thinking on my behalf:
I also wonder at your words here:

“and that is why Ron Paul's abortion answer is THE ANSWER to any LIBERTY question, including any question by any parent who may feel EMPOWERED to "save the children", with GOVERNMENT, instead of focusing their own POWER, as a parent, on their own Children.”

Are you saying that it is none of anyone’s business and people should direct their power toward their own families and not the plight of the unborn?

I am reminded of Ron Paul’s Words: "Unless we understand…we must protect life, we cannot protect liberty."

IMO What Ron Paul is saying is that any life not worth protecting will soon be yours. The abortion issue is an issue because it is meant to be an issue because it is another slippery slope whereby life and individualism is snuffed out, thus the snuffing of Liberty

Thus, liberty is dependent upon protecting life while it is that same jeopardizing of liberty resulting in despotism that causes the demise of life.

Is it another which comes first, the chicken or the egg?