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Apparently you missed the point:

If the government forces you into a position of tax collecting, and you start charging them 95% of the taxes collected as an administrative fee, that means they only get 5% of an 8.5% tax collected.

$50.00 item at retail garners $4.25 in taxes collected by you; the retailer.

Now take 95% of that $4.25 for yourself as an administrative fee for collecting the tax for the government, and you keep $3.82 and give the government the remaining $.43 cents.

Who grows faster, the Citizens or the Government; free market capitalism or socialism?

When the people figure out they do not have to work for free; do not have to participate as unpaid tax collectors, and start charging for their time, the government will see no advantage in attempting to tax, because the fees for collecting the tax by the retailer are no longer benefiting the government.

Yes, it's legal/lawful practice to charge the government for your services; thousands of companies around the country/world do it on a daily basis - it's called government contracts, and the lowest bidder usually gets the job (unless of course someone stands to gain financially from the higher bid).

If the government shows up at your business and wants you to stitch 1,000 parachutes, they must pay you for your time, right?

If the government shows up and wants you to collect a sales tax, that same government must pay you for your time and resources to collect said tax ......... unless you're not smart enough to charge them for your time and resources.