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income tax


To the contrary, I do like it! We all should be involved in this discussion no matter the perspective.

I'm familiar with FFF and I read the article and agree that we should attack the income tax on moral grounds. The income tax has destroyed families and businesses all across this country. Most every Libertarian, myself included, considers the income and inflation tax to be tantamount to slavery.

I for one will not let the fed steal the fruits of my labor in order to redistribute my wealth to the underserving without my consent. That is immoral, not to mention illegal my estimation.

Matters not to me if they see our arguements as frivilous. Anyone who has attempted to wade through the statutes and codes knows how convoluted they are and how riduculously confusing any ensuing debate will be. Frivilous therefore must be in the mind of the beholder.

The bottom line is, let's attack them from every angle available.