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Comment: There was the Magisterial Reformation

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There was the Magisterial Reformation

and the Radical Reformation. The radicals wanted to cut off everything from the Christian past all the way down to the ground and start all over, similar to the way the French revolutionaries did. The radicals refused to accept any baptism but their own, thus their being referred to as rebaptisers, or anabaptists.

The other branch of the Reformation, involving Luther, Calvin, Knox, etc believed in purifying the church covenentally, much like the way the Americans did in breaking away from England, politically, and like the Puritans did with the Church of England. These guys are called Protestants because they were protesting catholics (catholic meaning "universal", not Roman Catholic). The radical reformers are not technically Protestants.

The Church of Rome still has not had their reformation, but it will happen, it will. That being said, the heirs of the Reformation are in dire need of another reformation, and they will have it.