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Comment: The errancy of the Bible is more like inconsistencies. 4 here.

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The errancy of the Bible is more like inconsistencies. 4 here.

1. The devil, Lucifer: He was an angel in heaven with limited powers like the other angels. He rebels against God, is thrown out of heaven, and he lands here. Suddenly his powers increase, and Lucifer's powers now rival God's so much so that he is able to destroy the mind of God's greatest and newest creation.

2. Ananias and Sapphira: Of all of the stories in the Bible, this one is the most wretched. This husband and wife sold their land, and they gave their money to the church. However, they held back a little, and they lied about it. Peter puts them both to death using the power of God for this lying, the same Peter who lied 3 times about ever knowing Christ. God forgives Peter, but Peter does not forgive this couple for holding back some money of all things.

3. The tower of Babel: God confounds the people who are building this tower by giving them languages so that they cannot understand one another. God then uses these same words and languages to write the Bible knowing that words themselves can be misinterpreted, losing and changing their meaning with time.

4. Our salvation is based on hearsay: If someone gets a revelation from God, it is for them alone. If they tell someone else, it is hearsay. The person hearing this account is not obligated to believe it, especially when it involves their eternal salvation. God gave us minds to question everything. God would communicate with everyone, and let them decide on their own without intermediaries. He would not selectively choose just a few to tell all of the others, especially when involving the killing the women, pregnant women, and babies.