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I just wanted to ask you what you mean by Baptism and Communion being the "means of Grace in the Bible"? I am just curious if you think that they are required to receive Grace and forgiveness, or is participating in them merely evidence that you have already received Grace and forgiveness? I am also quite intrigued by this whole Luther vs. Calvin dialogue. I did not know that Calvin accused Luther of being a heretic and would like to read more about it..have any links? I myself have always been uncomfortable with certain elements of Calvinism, although there are certaintly passages in the Bible which would seem to confirm it's truth, but taken to it's extreme it can also seem to contradict other passages...not an easy topic to master.. I might also add that I am not completely comfortable with Arminiasm either...

I like and respect your opinions and would appreciate your thoughts or any reference material you would recommend. :)