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Yes, Mohusk,

but teaching something is not the same as living something. That is where the word "hypocrite" comes into play. Did you know that the word "hypocrite" appears in the New Testament dozens if not hundreds of times, and with good reason, because it was then, and is still today a very predominant sin. Jesus condemns hypocrisy over and over again. A hypocrite is one who preaches against something that he/she is practicing on a regular basis or also one who preaches the need to do something which he/she themselves is not doing (i.e. if I tell my children not to lie and lie to them on a regular basis I have become a hypocrite or if I preach to them the importance of healthy eating while I live off of junk food and cigarettes that also makes me a hypocrite).

So yes, there are many, many hypocritical Christian "sects" which preach one thing while living another, but the fact that they are doing so should call into question whether or not they are in fact Christian in the first place.

And by the way, although I am a Christian, I am not a Catholic, if that is what you were getting at.