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Thanks for commenting!

I am a devout Christian and no more so now than ever before. I can completely understand what you are saying about the gospels wisdom towards clarity. Bill Donovan is a 'preacher' who speaks much about the parallel symbolism of the language used in scripture. While I do not buy everything he says, I do take in his perspective as an alternative understanding so that I may be able to further relate my perspective to others.

Reviving the activity of gland functions is a work in progress - the body reacts to the environment we place it in and our ability to isolate perceptive awareness is difficult. The quality of meditation can only be discovered on a personal level as all of our unique body matter contains unique energy systems, which resonate differently than other people.

As for the skull elongation, you are right to say that most cosmetic explanations are quite goofy in nature. That a group would do this to only indicate class. While class systems may be signficant to those who received cranial deformation, it is not necessary an indication of elitism.

All of the brain matter forms from tissue - in the womb and at birth, tissue develops in the space provided for it - so with a larger cranial mass on the intereior, the brain tissue can grow and grow, forming larger spaces. The core glands on the inner center of the brain are responsible for pereception and operation, when these glands are larger, we understand more and create better....

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