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Comment: Seriously,

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I really am amazed at the people trying to defend Gary Franchi; it's a little confusing. Can someone please watch this video and try to explain to me how you could sleep at night after defending Franchi's actions of taking our money to make absolute garbage like this?

It would be OK if he was just stealing the money for himself and his friends and that's all. We could just write him off as a regular scumbag. But he's actually spending the money on slandering the future of the movement, just for revenge on those who refuse to work with scam artists.

(Remember his heroic stand to keep Amash from endorsing Romney?

The allegations are all completely true. Gary's pie chart's "administrative" wedge doesn't include the hundreds of thousands of dollars Gary paid himself, his companies, and his friends' companies. Bringing up random examples of the 17% of the money he did spend for Dr. Paul doesn't change the fact that he took 83% for himself. And bringing up anything at all about Romney's PACs or Jesse Benton makes you sound dumb and Gary look guilty as all hell.