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Comment: I'm sorry it's called CHRONOLOGY

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I'm sorry it's called CHRONOLOGY

How fast can you produce and release a counter claim in the middle of other operations? I guess your studio is better than Gary's.

As you say,

"If Gary had taken any money at all, he wouldn't be stuck on that amateur looking studio."

And I guess you just made an argument against yourself. "Obviously that story is false"? Obviously you are having some cognitive difficulty.

Face it, Bloomberg did a hit piece, Raw Story jumped on board, Trevor Lyman decided it was hot and here you are banging pots and pans. Now there is evidence that you-know-who is involved perhaps at the root of this thing?


We have all SEEN what Gary does. This hit has zero credibility with anyone involved in the history. Has it occurred to you that you seem to be in some bag company all the sudden?

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.