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Comment: No inconsistencies

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No inconsistencies

1. Where do you find in Scripture that Lucifer’s powers increased after his rebellion to rival the infinite power of God? All he did was tempt Eve with a half-truth. The rest was up to her, and Adam.

2. The comparison with Peter’s lie is apples to oranges. This story is proof that God looks on the heart and not outward appearances. Ananias and Sapphira were shown to be unbelievers who liked to make a public showing of their religiosity while making a mockery of God’s work in the early Church. Peter was a true follower of Jesus Christ who had already been justified by his faith. God revealed to Peter what they were doing and He – not Peter – took their lives. Otherwise, their continued lies would have undermined the authority of the Apostles.

3. Again, apples to oranges. Their languages were confounded because they refused to obey God’s command to spread throughout the earth. The inability to communicate between family groups forced them to abandon the tower, which represented their defiance. Had they done what God told them to do there would have been no reason for Him to multiply languages.

4. You presume to know better than God how He should have revealed His plan of salvation. He promised Adam and Eve that He would send a Savior to restore what they so foolishly lost. In effect, God did tell everyone – personally – because He told our first parents. It was their obligation to pass that promise along to their children.

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