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I may not be among the top inside donors. The way you present how it went down, though, maybe if I had given more money and was closer to the action, I would have been given an opportunity to get in on the scam.

I'm not wasting my time just to attack Gary. I think I would be justified if I were, but I'm not. I'm on here asking basic questions (which you refuse to answer or acknowledge) because I see Gary as not just a mooch, but an actual obstacle to the future of the movement. It is clear that there are good, principled people on here who still think Gary is the bees' knees. I'm simply trying to get them to explain to me how a principled advocate of Liberty could see that Rand hit piece by Gary and then come on here defending his actions.

You can either answer anything I brought up in my comment above, or you can continue to distract from Gary's indefensible actions by bringing up allegations against Benton or accusing me of having a personal vendetta. Up to you.