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Comment: I see someone beat me to respond after I already typed this...

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I see someone beat me to respond after I already typed this...

I see someone beat me to respond after I already typed this. but I'll post it anyways.

1. I see no mention of increase in power.
You are also missing the fact that Lucifer did not act outside of God's sovereign will; It's as if Lucifer is on a chain, a vicious dog owned by God, and God puts up signs "beware of dog, keep out, danger" and people disobey God and put themselves in danger. People have vicious dogs for a reason. He's no more a rival to God than a dog to it's owner, and in Jude 9 it even teaches to give a measure of respect to the devil, after all he is still God's property.

2. Peter didn't kill them, they fell dead miraculously, and the crime wasn't holding back money, the crime was trying to deceive the holy spirit. if that is their crime, then all of the supposed good you mention that they've done had evil motives. Since God is the giver of life, it is his prerogative to take it as he did in this case.

3. God accomplished his goals consistently. He foiled the tower, and the result provided other means for his followers to be involved in ministry and critical thinking. Also, The bible teaches that God has purposes for withholding his teaching from people at times, it teaches that he gives people over to their own sins and lets them fall into their own pits at times. Did you ever stop to think that God might have a purpose for doing things the way he did?

4. Although some special revelation might be considered hearsay, Romans 1 teaches about the sufficiency of general revelation, such as the created world around us in conveying truths of God. Also, when you have multiple witness accounts, it's a little more than hearsay, otherwise courts wouldn't function. Persuasive arguments are important, but there is more to belief than that. Romans 1:18 shows that people actively suppress the truth in unrighteousness, so there are biases in play which would diminish the effect of valid arguments. Saying "God would do such and such" has no basis, its considered idolatry to make a God to suit yourself. It assumes that God would do things your way and that he couldn't have a deeper purpose than you perceive.