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watching that vid brings back memories

we used to make a coil like that and magnetize
dads tools(no he didn't like that :))
also what i see is a coil,that can be more
if the coil was wound with a smaller coil
attached or wound into each point where the
windings go around the top,it could created higher
magnetism(this coil has 12 points where they wind around the top
the smaller windings could be added to the bottom creating
a focal point? for the energy created),for what purpose
i do not know
i am happy for celestes help,her taking the time to type
what she did,opened my eyes
i did find which is understandable that the numbers 3@6,also
work the same way
without putting my total self out there to answer a question or 2,because it is not just between you and I
you raised,i am better with my hands yes,but this wasn't always the case,no math was never,ever a strong suit of mine,school was boring
i can go into my workshop and see things i put together,and not remember what some of it was for,nor remember how i did it,i believe
this came about after being on pain meds for 6 years,at this point i do not know if this is reversible,i am into herbs,hopefully i can flush it all out of my body

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence