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Comment: I apologize to all those offended by my post.

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I apologize to all those offended by my post.

I am only trying to find out the truth by using the mind that the Almighty gave me to ask questions. These questions concern a priori knowledge about God. God must be consistent, and God must be logical. If He is not both, then it would not make much sense to worship someone who would be otherwise. An inconsistent and an illogical God could throw someone into Hell without due process or kill someone without reason. God's logic and consistency should be reflected in His dealings with man, His most divine creation. If someone gives me a book and says that it is from God, it had better be logical and consistent. If the book is both, then there is at least a possibility that it did indeed have divine origins. However, if the book is inconsistent and illogical, then it cannot be from God.