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I love the idea of,

my comment below, notwithstanding (which is at the core of the most successful N/K program I'm aware of, called by its founder "Education Towards Freedom" - a private school movement with now an 80+ year track record and what has become international in scope).

And so, giving this some more thought, *if* bparker189 had in mind this being specifically for little ones his daughter's age (say 4-7 years old), here's one idea. (I envision it drawn. Actually, I envision it as an animated cartoon.) "Grandpaul" could be this grandfatherly man you maybe first see in the kitchen with "Grandcarol." He's enjoying those chocolate chip cookies that she makes just for him. As I see it, Grandpaul narrates everything and just tells stories, in the voice and language you would use telling a story to a 4, 5, 6, 7-year old. His stories *would* begin, "Once upon a time... and he'd just tell stories about the founding of America, digressing with little anecdotes to put things *into* the sphere of reference of a preschooler. (I'm thinking of BossySue, from the anecdote.) I guess I'm reminded of those GREAT Crinkleroot books!!! In that series, this lovable woodsman-type character (who is a tall-tale teller and claims to have been raised by bees :)) takes you around and points out all different kinds of interesting things about nature. You really feel as if he's talking to YOU. Anyway, I hope to one day see a few Grandpaul videos on you-tube!

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