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It's true that I do think he's bad for the movement. It's not true that I am unwilling to admit I might be wrong about this. I'm here asking questions of Gary's supporters. Thank you for attempting to address the top link.

So, Smudge Pot, do I understand correctly that you have no problem with the Rand hit piece? All because Gary didn't "outright accuse Rand of using prostitutes"?

Tucker Carlson actually did these things. Tucker's hit pieces were wrong and indefensible, but they were at least grounded in reality much more than Gary's. Yes, Rand could be blackmailed with strippers and drugs. How does that make it OK to do a story on it?

You're saying it would be OK for Gary to take the money given to him to help Ron Paul and use it to put out news stories about how Ron's son might possibly maybe be a secret serial killer? Just because he didn't "outright accuse" him of killing people? That's the best defense you can give for that video?

And this is not my first time speaking out against Gary's deplorable behavior. Click the second link.

I know I don't own Liberty and I'm not trying to dictate to anyone how to secure it. I'm just trying to keep myself and others as educated as possible about how best to work toward our goals. And giving money to someone making videos about how the future of the movement may or may not be corrupted by blackmail with drugs and strippers SEEMS to me not to be the greatest idea. Please tell me why it is.