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I have a question burried in this reply

I did wake up to a new world this morning as well! See it is amazing and good!

“Are you worried about it? “

It sure sounds like it! It seems I am not much at self-censorship as well. What a ridiculous turn of discussion events.

The make-up concept is interesting. I don’t wear much. But I went to get a haircut today and both my hair dresser and her mom are on something. I wonder if they do put something in the make-up. Both of my sisters take something too, but my mom doesn’t. I don’t know any men taking anything.

I have tried to be off med several times. Once when I had cancer, before they could figure out what was wrong with me, the neurologist said I had serotonin poisoning and took me off. He wanted to put me on something while he took me off and I didn't let him. I thought if this medicine does this, I don't want anything else. Well after it was all out of my system, I had to ask for medication. I weaned myself off 2 years ago for nearly a year, but chose to go back on early this year. It is obvious to me that with this little cutting the med in half incident that I need to be on the med.
“When my thinking, internally, runs out of new, exiting, challenging, battles to wage, between devils and angles, then I could, I suppose, allow any thought to enter my head, or, I can read a book.”

I thought about reading on Wednesday, wondering if it would help reign in my thoughts. I was going to ask you what I should read, but decided not to. I’m going to get a little ipod type thing (a no name cheapie) for Christmas so I can download books and listen to them.

What is this book about: Prescription for Rebellion

I saw that there is only one copy and it is from the 50’s, so maybe I should buy it.
“few and far between are the moments where my thoughts are my enemy instead of a welcome challenge.”

That is something to be very, very, very thankful for! My thoughts are not my enemy any more. But I think you can see from my language how plagued I was this week.

“Your thoughts are a welcome challenge - thanks.”

Thank you for the reassuring words. I respect your well thought opinions and hard work efforts on political economy that you have been willing to freely share.
I read my words: "Like, OK, I’ve had about enough of your intolerable silliness and unintelligible and unintellectual communication, so could you please keep it to yourself for now on. Or, maybe something less insulting."

And they make me laugh. When I wrote them they made me very sad. Today they are funny. But you know, Joe…I did follow you over here to this post so I could talk to you after the sound of silence for a few days. So perhaps I was floundering abit because I over thinking too much. I have spent alot of my life feeling unwelcome or betrayed, so it is a natural tendency to revert back to when thoughts plague me. (And saying that knowing that some people go thru horrible things sounds a bit trite.) But now for the life of me, I can't figure out why I was feeling so bad earlier this week. Nothing has changed, except the med.