Comment: dengue is awful to get and it kills

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dengue is awful to get and it kills

I do not have much problem with this experimental work in face of the alternatives.

I would not want to eat GM foods but the male mosquitos, which are the only ones being modified, do not bite humans or animals. They only mate with the females which ARE modified.

It's a pity the World waited for dengue to spread again after the efforts in the past.

I do have problem with this Biddle attitude:

"But Biddle, the onetime dengue patient, wants Oxitec to continue testing the modified mosquitoes outside the U.S.

'Why the rush here?' the Key West man said. 'We already have test cases in the world where we can watch what is happening and make the best studies, because wouldn't it be wonderful if we could find out how it can be fail-safe — which it is not right now. It's an open Pandora's box.'"...

ARE PEOPLE "ELSEWHERE" SUBHUMAN?! Actually they, too, have awakened and it is not so easy to experiment in the "elsewhere" of the Imperium.

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