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For me personally,

I can not vote for a person who believes it is a "right" to destroy an unborn child. I approach my stance from a Christian perspective, so it is an easy decision for me. What I find confusing; however, is the thought process of those who will use the argument that we don't really know when life begins as a reason to allow abortion. When we are talking about human life, shouldn't we as a moral people rather err on the side of caution if we are not sure? If there is even a slight chance that life does actually begins at conception, don't we have every obligation as a civilized society to protect it? I just don't understand the thinking of a person that says no to this.

How many of us, if we we saw a burning building and were told that a small child might be trapped inside would rush in at the risk of our owns lives to save that child, not even knowing for sure if they were actually in there? I like to think that I would be one of them. Why do we lose that same protective, compassionate, loving instinct when it is the child that is about to be torn violently from the womb? I just don't understand...