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Exactly! Perfect parallel

with Climate Change debate. We can fully accept the Greenhouse Gas Theory and understand that cutting down trees and burning more oil means more CO2 and thus a slightly warmer atmosphere, but that doesn't mean that we need to believe that catastrophic changes will occur within a few years if we don't enact cap-and-trade.

My daughter was born and had medical complications, causing some damage to portions of her brain and respiratory system. Through the miracles of her care, she shows very few symptoms now, but that doesn't mean that I should be ok with someone putting toxic metals into her bloodstream along with pieces of fatal viruses or even live viruses.

I believe vaccines could work if done right, but why don't we go back and look at how they've been made in the past 100 years and realize the process is a total corporate state with no respect for the rights of life and health of the child.

Best-case scenario, vaccines have prevented about 10% of the infections that would have occurred 100 years ago. The other 90% of the reduction in infections has been due to better medical care and better hygiene. On the flipside, nobody is measuring the capital and human damage associated with 1 in 6 American children having developmental or autoimmune disorders, and this is not occurring in 3rd world countries. In certain ways, the poorest nations are healthier than we are because they dont have vaccines. Fix the problems and don't create new ones.