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Comment: did i write or publish one of those articles???

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did i write or publish one of those articles???

so because i let others know what's out there i'm a traitor,,,, and yes sometimes i agree with the other side when i feel our leaders are wrong
i was blindsided by ron paul inc to some degree and sad it had to happen

many times conservatives read only conservative sites and the left on lefty stuff
well,, i like to see what the enemy says,,,, and hence i see these articles that are out there and no one here knows so i post them,,,,, and yes sometimes i may agree becasue i'm entitled to my opinion as you are

i'm so sad that we seemed to inplode at the end,,,, however at the same time if it's happening light must be shed and we all learjn what to do in the future
what i learned from the franchi story.,,, PAC's must have clearly defined goals and no sececy of expenses

so---a link to all current spending
and a goal----we make 6 30 second video's and fundraise to run them 15 times in minneapolis markets,,,, or something similar
we should demand that

we seem to forget everyone has different opinions, ideas, what irks them,, their upbringing, current circumstances,, and their own worldview and what's happening locally

many times i see anger at granger,,, yet overtime i see why he/she believes what they say when others get angry

we need to do our homework on everyone in positions, aka benton, olsen,
i have seen (directed at me) the anger we throw at each other,,,,on the net,,, but bet in person we'd get alongand never question our motives, beliefs

negatives won't hurt me, my feelings,,, or affect that i visit here everyday and never regret finding ron paul ,,liberty,, and seeing the sham of our gov't ,banks, politics etc

and yes we still need to have the post campaign "Talk" that everyone said to wait til it's over

i don't want to ever feel that feeling of what went down at the end,,, i felt sick for weeks