Comment: Totally agree Matt.

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Totally agree Matt.

I am completely astounded by the unquestioned support Rand gets here. He has voted for sanctioning Iran...TWICE...,voted for 9 billion dollars for Israel's 'offense', voted for NDAA 2012 and 2013 (if he does not agree with the foreign policy, than quit fucking funding it!!!!!!), endorsed Romney on Hannity at the climax of his father's campaign, and could not tell you the difference between a debt and a deficit no more than TWO years ago.

Here are the intended consequences of economic sanctions.

And for what? Did the Iranian people do something horrible? No. Did their government? Not according to our multiple US agencies that collect intelligence.

Go ahead, down vote this. How many clues do y'all need to understand that Rand is NOT on our side? Not only that, why down vote and bash anyone using reason and logic in our assessment of his disastrous performance? Just one of the above mentioned offenses is enough for y'all to give the 'Rand Haters' some slack. If you gave people with a dissenting view some respect maybe we would not have to obsess about why y'all should wake the fuck up.