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Comment: sorry for my attitude

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sorry for my attitude

I just get irritated when people assume that anyone who questions the safety or efficacy of vaccines has no good scientifically based reasons for doing so, or that we are somehow ignorant of the scientific rationale behind vaccination. Perhaps I misinterpreted your sentiments. I guess you could consider me to be a part of the anti-vaccine crowd in that based on the evidence I have seen I have come to the preliminary conclusion that the benefits of vaccination are probably overestimated, and that the risks are likely much greater than authorities would like people to know. As such I personally will not vaccinate myself or my children as I do not think that the potential benefits are worth taking the risks, especially since I cannot sue in civil court if damage is caused because vaccine manufacturer's liability has been removed by congress and I can only seek redress in "vaccine court" where they will claim I do not have the right to a trial by jury.