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There's more to it than that

No I don't think you can justify such things. The strategic retreats taken by Rand amount to moments wherein his own vote would not have any chance of changing the outcome, a president has every ability to change the outcome of going to war or signing a bill, and Rand has clearly stood up in many cases in much the same way he'd be challenged to stand up as president when he knows he can actually affect change. I've not seen anything to make me doubt that he is willing and able to stand his ground in the battles he can really do so in. If he was president and congress had a supermajority against him and he did some strategic move to agree to sign rather than veto a bill if they put some amendment in it to fix something problematic, it would be a similar action.

I understand the argument that he swore to uphold the Constitution, but I think the particular strategy he is employing is aimed at significantly restoring and upholding the constitution to the best of his ability.