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Choir preaching.

I concur about Uncle Sam being Israel's bottom boy, but I think rather than engage in conjecture, we need to keep asking questions that make people think. Many people like to lean but hate to be taught. To say that another way, when we try to force unproven theories onto folks, most dig in their heels and reject all we say. If we ask questions such as why the other 20+ videos of the object that stuck the Pentagon have not been released or why the flight data recorders and cockpit (okay, flight deck for all you PC folks) voice recorders were not found but a paper passport belonging to one of the "hijackers" survived the conflagration, people will try to find an answer. Most people don't like to be stumped and want to appear knowledgeable. This tactic I believe will lead more people to the truth that the official government conspiracy is incorrect and then perhaps demand a true criminal investigation.