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Gnostic Christianity accepts ETs.

It called them "Archons". Look it up.
Judaism accepts ETs. It calls them the "sons of God" and their offspring, the Nephilim. They are briefly described in Genesis and the Book of Enoch (one of the Dead Sea Scrolls)

Regarding Jesus Christ being "the savior," at least two other religions PREDATING Christianity tell virtually the same story, including the "virgin birth," a "demigod" and "resurrection". Does that make Christianity "stupid" or "unoriginal". I do not know, but I think not.

The Vril and Thule Secret Societies that were such an integral part of the NAZI Party believed in a "hollow earth" and ETs. The incredible scientific advances of NAZI aerospace technology is credited to information channeled to members of the societies.

If you have not found a shred of proof, try looking. You have heard of "search engines," have you not? As far as the "Mayan tablets" are concerned, I am not an archeologist, and given the number of close-minded jerks in the sciences, I am glad I am not. I do know some people went to a great deal of trouble to produce an "obvious hoax," with little hope of compensation and great risk to their reputations.