Comment: I agree 100%. But let me be very clear on my stance...

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I agree 100%. But let me be very clear on my stance...

I support the fight against scientific fallacies using superior scientific evidence and theories.

I reject unethical medical practices, such as mass medication and mandatory vaccination, in favor of superior medical ethics.

I do NOT support efforts to fight unethical medical practices using sensationalism, fear-mongering, and pseudoscience. This is a major problem with the vaccine issue. The internet has been flooded with propaganda, sensationalism, and outright lies about vaccines. Look at the source of this article, for instance. sensationalizes everything from UFOs to TVs being deadly. This kind of crap is not helping the movement. It is harming the credibility of the people who are fighting the vaccine pushers scientifically and intelligently, like the original author (whose work was manipulated by EndAllDisease).

Sometimes it is impossible to have an intelligent discussion about vaccines in some of these liberty forums because certain people are hopelessly emotional and hysterical and intolerant of dissenting scientific opinion. It's a shame, because if they actually read my comments they would realize that I AGREE WITH THEM regarding many of their concerns.

GCN3030, you and I are on the same page. I was not directing my challenge about the adaptive immune system to you, but some of the other people I have been debating the last few weeks. I was talking to the people who have taken the vaccine debate out of the realm of reality. The people who are rejecting the fundamentals of immunology outright.