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Comment: We know who runs the EU

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We know who runs the EU

He has some good points on the EU. The top leaders are not elected, and the individual countries should get out to preserve their sovereignty. There's absolutely no reason why someone like Greece should be paying off debt to the European Central Bank. They should have control over their own affairs, and they should have control of their own currency.

But here goes Britain again upset over Germany. The last couple times this happened, we had two unnecessary world wars that made the world safe for communism and profitable for the big bankers.

One reason for Germany's economic dominance is they still have manufacturing. What does Britain make anymore? They are a skeleton of what they once were. Plus much of Germany's economy, is composed of family-run mid-major companies that focus long term instead of being dictated by the results of the next quarter. Maybe Britain should take hint. But on another note, we could be making Germany pay for their own military, instead of still having bases there.

And as far as the power vacuum that Merkel is filling, she is simply using her position to protect the German taxpayer from bailing out the rest of Europe.

Germany is an easy target because of their history. But let us not be so easily distracted. We know who runs the EU behinds the scenes, and it's not Germany. C'mon, who's in charge of the money? We've figured this out already.