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Comment: For now, focus on funding

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For now, focus on funding

The debate about whether or not a person should be allowed to get an abortion is to ugly of a topic to take a stance on, as even within this circle, where we all believe that Liberty is the guiding light, the foundation upon which to make the other decisions about what policy is best ... we find reasonable opinions on both sides of the isle.

I think we need to draw the line (as a group) someplace where we can all agree. And then not fault each other for disagreeing with whether abortion should or should not be legal.

A good solid place to draw that line is government funding. It makes sense that people shouldn't be expected to fund things that they object to for religious reasons. Much like wars of aggression. No one should be required to pay taxes that are used to kill people who aren't crossing our borders and threatening the lives (or property) of our citizens.

Friends of mine I have talked to (outside the liberty movement, and on both sides of the aisle) can agree that its reasonable to restrict federal funding of abortion so long as you allow for cases when mom is in danger, and other oft quoted "reasonable" exceptions.